Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday.

I am waking up tired again and yesterday it was after 6 before I woke and once again by the time I did all my early morning jobs and have a coffee, I couldn't be bothered going anywhere.  I rode the ex bike a few time throughout the day but nowhere near long enough.

Today is Thursday and I know I should but so far I haven't done anything.  I will get on the ex bike later as I have a really good book to read so that should get some minutes up but I need to wake earlier and get a walk in.

I *don't do * alarms and leaving the curtains and window open hasn't worked the last few mornings so tonight I will tell myself more often to wake at 5 and get up.  That usually works.

I feel lousy though, tired and in a can't be bothered mood.  Blood results come back next week so fingers crossed for that.

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