Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, Wednesday.

Well I didn't post yesterday so I bet you all thought that I'd given up already.
Don't ya all love how I presume that my fitness journey is so exciting that I have lots of readers. lol.  Or any readers for that matter.  Double lol!

Anyway...I didn't post yesterday because I had to leave here by 7am and by the time I was back from walking and had fed and watered the chickens and watered the gardens I didn't have enough time to spend a decent amount of time on here so figured that it wasn't worth turning on.

But I did do the walk.  Left later though and was coming back around 6am and there were quite a few cars on the road so I will try and get going earlier so I am back way before all the workers are out and about.

Today I was home by 5.30 and saw 1 car so wasn't too bad.  I wrote the time down before I left and again as soon as I got in the door but I think I mucked up as it says that it took 26min.  Maybe me maths is wrong...
No maths is good, I must have written down the wrong times as I don't think I can do that walk in under 1/2 an hour after only a few days.  Will double check times tomorrow.

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