Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Bought Shoes.

It's the 3rd now and I haven't started yet.  Reason?  I cannot walk without decent shoes and cannot ride with achy arms.

I have the shoes now though, I bought 2 pair on Thursday so hopefully one of them will be good enough for me to do a decent walk in.

One pair are those funny looking rock and roll shoes that a lot of people are raving about.  Mine are *ToneWalker*  It says they tone your glutes, thighs, calves.  That will be a bonus if they work and at under $50 I thought they were worth a try.  These feel funny when I am just standing, it's hard to keep my balance but that could help with muscle strengthening too I suppose.
The other pair were around the same price and the label says they have arch support, heal support, they seem comfortable and will be my everyday shoe.

Looking at the labels it seems that they are both a Mitre brand.  I've not heard of them before but both pairs feel alright on my feet and are not too expensive to replace every 6 months if needed.  But hopefully I get a year out of them both.  So now  I have no excuse to not walk and will try and do that most mornings.  I will ride when I can, every day would be good but I will see how I go.

I have the bad habit of being all gung-ho then overdoing things and then ending up in bed for days.  I need to take things easy while still doing enough to be fitter by Friday.

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