Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day Of Excuses.

OK, so far I haven't started.  Interested in my reasons? 
I couldn't move my hands/arms for 2 days so was unable to ride the bike.
I need new, decent shoes before I start walking.

I was hoping to be on my way again by the start of December and as that is tomorrow I need to get a plan sorted.
I will probably walk and cycle as my main moving so I need the shoes ASAP.  I might be over in Mandurah this morning, I will see if I can get a pair.  The bike is OK, I don't need anything to get started on that and I will use that when my arms are good.
I will write up a sheet that shows what I have done and when and tape it to this thing to get me off here and out there.
I will go public and use the thought of people seeing how little I do as motivation.

So here's to my last day of excuses and unfitness.  Healthier me....Here I come.

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