Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Days After...

I had my third LCD yesterday and did OK even with the unexpected meal for tea.
This morning I weighed myself and was the same as yesterday.  I'm feeling a bit hungry, have had my coffee and now need to make husbands lunch so am hoping that I don't pick too much.  Hoping to be busy and mindful today.

6.00am  Coffee.
7.30  egg with veg.  Will now clean my teeth and do some jobs, nothing else until lunchtime as I will be busy or out.
10.00  Well the outing was cancelled so I decided I'd mow before it got too hot for me outside. *My* lawnmower is not here.  The green one wont start and the red one hurts my arms and hands too much.  I did a bit of whippersnippering instead but couldn't get into it.  Inside and had a bite of steak.  Outside again and had 3 figs and now back inside and I just ate a chop!!  It's not yet lunchtime, too hot outside, I will have a shower, a bowl of salad, do housework...
1.15  I was called out before I had the salad but had it when  got home.  'Twas nice.
1.45 Coffee.
Now for the housework!!
3.30  5 crackers.
          yoghurt and a couple spoons of fruitsalad.  Tinned so not as good as fresh.
Did a bit more housework then went outside again, got the mower going so mowed, weeded, raked.  Husband came home so I finished up and by 7.30 we were having tea. 
7.30   Chicken Kiev x 1/2 and vegetables.  
10.40  Bedtime.  Pretty good day I think...apart from the crackers. 

Friday.  Weight hasn't changed.
Had coffee this morning then some vegies before leaving for work.  The veg had mashed potato mixed in and I added some grated cheese sooo...but vegies!
Home at lunch and another bowl of veg but this time I added an egg.  Better but still mashed spud.  Second cup of coffee.
4pm  Carrot.
I am out this evening and away for the weekend, housesitting and they used to have decent food in this house but the woman mentioned getting in a pizza and a box of snacks for me...will see how I go.   Husband will be there some of the time so he can eat the pizza.  Maybe...

I'm tired but that is probably due to late nights and early mornings.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wednesday LCD.

I'm going to have another LCD tomorrow, this will be my third so it should be easier.  I'm not looking forward to it but not dreading it either.

In cases like this I think it's a pity that I can't sleep in for longer as getting up before 6 makes it seem like a longer day.  I'll have my coffee first thing, cause that's what I do, then see how I feel about breakfast.  Really it would be best to not have anything but I always *need* food a couple of hours after waking up.  Maybe an egg will be OK.

I am at Vinnies from 9 until 3.30 so won't be eating at all while there and I will make sure that there is a bowl of salad ready for when I get home.  That will save me from hoeing into anything easily accessible and a bowl of salad or veg for tea if I need to.  I will need to not eat the steak or chops that are in the fridge.  I have put them into containers so that they are not easily accessible but I am prone to eating things without thinking.  I will need to change that if I want this to work.  My worry is that I will just help myself when I get tea ready for the husband.  Can only try. 

I will come back tomorrow and post how I do but I am feeling positive.

WED 25th Feb.
Woke up feeling pretty good, weighed myself and I have a starting point.  Same one as the last 4 years but it was starting to creep up so it was good to see it back where it usually is.

6.30 black coffee.  Yep, had it black and enjoyed it.
Didn't have breakfast but took a container of salad to work. 
2.30  Had half the salad.  Was feeling a bit crook.
4.00 Home and so hungry so had the rest of the salad.
Was planning on steak and veg or salad for tea but.  Yeah, there be the but!  Son's girlfriend brought out some Chicken Kiev for us.  Lovely of her and the food was yummo.  I had half of one with a plate of veg.  Been drinking heaps of water.

NO idea of calories but doesn't matter.  I didn't eat much all day and only had half of the Kiev for tea.  Usually I'd eat the lot and feel yuk afterwards.  Now I can have some tomorrow as well.

I think I did pretty good regardless of the unexpected chicken dish and am looking forward to the next LCD.

Back To The Start.

6:30AM.  I had my second *fast* yesterday.  I think though that I will start calling it a LCD, Low Calorie Day, as to me a fast is where you don't eat anything at all.  People say there are great health benefits to having a real fast so maybe that will be something to aim for.   I am hungry now and looking forward to a small bowl of oats for breakfast. 

11:30AM.  I had the oats and have made up a jug of Nettle tea with an added teaspoonful of honey that I will drink throughout today.  It's nearly lunchtime and I have fish or steak to have with salad.   No idea yet what will be for dinner.  No exercise as yet apart from some yard work.  Inside now because it is getting hot out there!

I weighed myself this morning, it looks like I am back to my starting weight.  I am pleased as I have weighed the same, give or take 500gm for too many years but over the last couple of months I have been eating way too much crap and the weight was going up.  Up 3 kilos when I weighed last week which is what triggered me to try this.  Now seeing as I am fat and unfit anyway putting 3 kilo on wasn't a good look.  That extra is gone now and it must be somewhat due to the 2 LCD that I have had.   Today is a normal eating day and tomorrow will be another LCD.   I'm not dreading it which is a good thing.

I have joined a Facebook group with people following the 5:2 Diet, some of their stories are really motivating, maybe one day I will be a motivating post for someone.  That would be pretty cool!

My friend around the corner has lost more weight on the program that she is following, it seems to be coming off her really quickly.  Some would say too quickly but she looks really well.  I have chosen  a slower way but I will be able to eat the foods that I enjoy and not have to take supplements and that is important to me.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Choosing To Try The 5-2.

After rereading my tale of two women I have decided, again, to give this lose weight get fit thing a go.  I am leaving for 3 weeks holiday in less than 2 weeks time so I have left it a bit late for that but as a long-term thing, never too late.

This time I am going to do the 5-2 way of eating.  Eat properly for 5 days a week but *fast* on 2 days.  The *fast day* allows you to have 500 or 1/4 of your normal body calorie needs so for me it will be under 500.  

The second woman in my story is allowed 500 calories every day plus a whole pile of supplements on the program that she is following and though she looks great and says she feels the same that way is not sustainable for me.  This way could be but may not need to be forever.

Most of the foods that we grow are not allowed on her program but with the 5-2 I can still eat what I grow so it will be sustainable.  I don't want to give up fruit, root vegetables, oats...Not even to get to a healthy weight and a decent looking body shape.   I believe that I wont need to. 

Today, Monday the 23 Feb 2015 is my second *fast* day.  I will eat low cal on Mondays and Wednesday because those days I am out of the house and busy until close to 4 oclock.  I feel that I will need to be busy and out of the house for this to work.   And committed, I will need to really want this too.  Lets see how I go with it.  And you know what?  Even if this too *fails* I am still a nice person, I am still worthy, I will still like myself.

Does anyone reading this eat this way?  Have you heard of it, thought of it, anything?  I will add links later but right now...I shouldn't be here!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Tale Of Two Women...

A friend around the corner has been following a weight loss program and has lost 17 kilo over a few months.      She is healthier, fitter, slimmer, more energetic. 

I have done nothing and lost nothing.   I have not been eating healthy.  I have not been moving.  I have not been filling in my chart.   I am none of the above.

And there be the story of 2 women, both wanting to get lighter, healthier, fitter.  Both having the same incentive.

One will have a holiday in Italy where she will not get out of breath when she tries to walk.  One will be comfortable in nice well fitted clothing.   One will look good in any holiday photos.  

One will be gasping for breath in Tasmania, wearing too tight clothing and not wanting to be in any photos.

Her choice. 

My choice.