Monday, February 23, 2015

Choosing To Try The 5-2.

After rereading my tale of two women I have decided, again, to give this lose weight get fit thing a go.  I am leaving for 3 weeks holiday in less than 2 weeks time so I have left it a bit late for that but as a long-term thing, never too late.

This time I am going to do the 5-2 way of eating.  Eat properly for 5 days a week but *fast* on 2 days.  The *fast day* allows you to have 500 or 1/4 of your normal body calorie needs so for me it will be under 500.  

The second woman in my story is allowed 500 calories every day plus a whole pile of supplements on the program that she is following and though she looks great and says she feels the same that way is not sustainable for me.  This way could be but may not need to be forever.

Most of the foods that we grow are not allowed on her program but with the 5-2 I can still eat what I grow so it will be sustainable.  I don't want to give up fruit, root vegetables, oats...Not even to get to a healthy weight and a decent looking body shape.   I believe that I wont need to. 

Today, Monday the 23 Feb 2015 is my second *fast* day.  I will eat low cal on Mondays and Wednesday because those days I am out of the house and busy until close to 4 oclock.  I feel that I will need to be busy and out of the house for this to work.   And committed, I will need to really want this too.  Lets see how I go with it.  And you know what?  Even if this too *fails* I am still a nice person, I am still worthy, I will still like myself.

Does anyone reading this eat this way?  Have you heard of it, thought of it, anything?  I will add links later but right now...I shouldn't be here!

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