Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wednesday LCD.

I'm going to have another LCD tomorrow, this will be my third so it should be easier.  I'm not looking forward to it but not dreading it either.

In cases like this I think it's a pity that I can't sleep in for longer as getting up before 6 makes it seem like a longer day.  I'll have my coffee first thing, cause that's what I do, then see how I feel about breakfast.  Really it would be best to not have anything but I always *need* food a couple of hours after waking up.  Maybe an egg will be OK.

I am at Vinnies from 9 until 3.30 so won't be eating at all while there and I will make sure that there is a bowl of salad ready for when I get home.  That will save me from hoeing into anything easily accessible and a bowl of salad or veg for tea if I need to.  I will need to not eat the steak or chops that are in the fridge.  I have put them into containers so that they are not easily accessible but I am prone to eating things without thinking.  I will need to change that if I want this to work.  My worry is that I will just help myself when I get tea ready for the husband.  Can only try. 

I will come back tomorrow and post how I do but I am feeling positive.

WED 25th Feb.
Woke up feeling pretty good, weighed myself and I have a starting point.  Same one as the last 4 years but it was starting to creep up so it was good to see it back where it usually is.

6.30 black coffee.  Yep, had it black and enjoyed it.
Didn't have breakfast but took a container of salad to work. 
2.30  Had half the salad.  Was feeling a bit crook.
4.00 Home and so hungry so had the rest of the salad.
Was planning on steak and veg or salad for tea but.  Yeah, there be the but!  Son's girlfriend brought out some Chicken Kiev for us.  Lovely of her and the food was yummo.  I had half of one with a plate of veg.  Been drinking heaps of water.

NO idea of calories but doesn't matter.  I didn't eat much all day and only had half of the Kiev for tea.  Usually I'd eat the lot and feel yuk afterwards.  Now I can have some tomorrow as well.

I think I did pretty good regardless of the unexpected chicken dish and am looking forward to the next LCD.

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