Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back To The Start.

6:30AM.  I had my second *fast* yesterday.  I think though that I will start calling it a LCD, Low Calorie Day, as to me a fast is where you don't eat anything at all.  People say there are great health benefits to having a real fast so maybe that will be something to aim for.   I am hungry now and looking forward to a small bowl of oats for breakfast. 

11:30AM.  I had the oats and have made up a jug of Nettle tea with an added teaspoonful of honey that I will drink throughout today.  It's nearly lunchtime and I have fish or steak to have with salad.   No idea yet what will be for dinner.  No exercise as yet apart from some yard work.  Inside now because it is getting hot out there!

I weighed myself this morning, it looks like I am back to my starting weight.  I am pleased as I have weighed the same, give or take 500gm for too many years but over the last couple of months I have been eating way too much crap and the weight was going up.  Up 3 kilos when I weighed last week which is what triggered me to try this.  Now seeing as I am fat and unfit anyway putting 3 kilo on wasn't a good look.  That extra is gone now and it must be somewhat due to the 2 LCD that I have had.   Today is a normal eating day and tomorrow will be another LCD.   I'm not dreading it which is a good thing.

I have joined a Facebook group with people following the 5:2 Diet, some of their stories are really motivating, maybe one day I will be a motivating post for someone.  That would be pretty cool!

My friend around the corner has lost more weight on the program that she is following, it seems to be coming off her really quickly.  Some would say too quickly but she looks really well.  I have chosen  a slower way but I will be able to eat the foods that I enjoy and not have to take supplements and that is important to me.

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