Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Days After...

I had my third LCD yesterday and did OK even with the unexpected meal for tea.
This morning I weighed myself and was the same as yesterday.  I'm feeling a bit hungry, have had my coffee and now need to make husbands lunch so am hoping that I don't pick too much.  Hoping to be busy and mindful today.

6.00am  Coffee.
7.30  egg with veg.  Will now clean my teeth and do some jobs, nothing else until lunchtime as I will be busy or out.
10.00  Well the outing was cancelled so I decided I'd mow before it got too hot for me outside. *My* lawnmower is not here.  The green one wont start and the red one hurts my arms and hands too much.  I did a bit of whippersnippering instead but couldn't get into it.  Inside and had a bite of steak.  Outside again and had 3 figs and now back inside and I just ate a chop!!  It's not yet lunchtime, too hot outside, I will have a shower, a bowl of salad, do housework...
1.15  I was called out before I had the salad but had it when  got home.  'Twas nice.
1.45 Coffee.
Now for the housework!!
3.30  5 crackers.
          yoghurt and a couple spoons of fruitsalad.  Tinned so not as good as fresh.
Did a bit more housework then went outside again, got the mower going so mowed, weeded, raked.  Husband came home so I finished up and by 7.30 we were having tea. 
7.30   Chicken Kiev x 1/2 and vegetables.  
10.40  Bedtime.  Pretty good day I think...apart from the crackers. 

Friday.  Weight hasn't changed.
Had coffee this morning then some vegies before leaving for work.  The veg had mashed potato mixed in and I added some grated cheese sooo...but vegies!
Home at lunch and another bowl of veg but this time I added an egg.  Better but still mashed spud.  Second cup of coffee.
4pm  Carrot.
I am out this evening and away for the weekend, housesitting and they used to have decent food in this house but the woman mentioned getting in a pizza and a box of snacks for me...will see how I go.   Husband will be there some of the time so he can eat the pizza.  Maybe...

I'm tired but that is probably due to late nights and early mornings.

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