Monday, March 2, 2015

LCD x 4.

Mon 2/3/15.  Scales say the same as last week.

Fourth low cal day today, it is 4.30 and I am hungry.  Should go out and mow but...I'm here instead.

It's Monday so one of the days that I decided would be my LCD's but it's a public holiday here in WA so I was not at Vinnies like I usually would be.  I did need to go over to Mandurah this morning so it wasn't too bad.

6.30   Coffee
12.00  Carrot.  Could smell someone's barbecue...
2.30  Banana.  Home, hungry, it was there!
3.00  Cup of tea.
5.30 1/2 sausage!!  Husband didn't eat all his lunch and this thing just jumped into my mouth...really!
6.30 Salad  and fish.  Really needed this!
Clean teeth 'cause husband is eating chips instead of his tea.

A couple of *shouldn't haves* but overall not too bad.

I am out for lunch tomorrow so will have to watch what I have for breakfast before I go.  Maybe I shouldn't have anything but that probably wont happen.

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