Friday, May 25, 2012

May, Week 4.

Nearly 4 weeks of May have passed and I am still moving each day.  
The *moving on the mat* is walking, jumping, sidesteps and kicking kind of thing. 
*ATB is a 3.6km walk around the block, around 37min.

19th.  45min moving on the mat.
Sunday 20th.  20+ km bikeride.
Monday 21st.30min on ex bike.
Tuesday 22nd.  45min moving on the mat.  4km bikeride. 
Wednesday  Walk ATB*   Steps, walking...5min ex bike x 1.
Thursday.  2+ hours mowing.  15min ex bike.
Friday. 30min bikeride.   Hour+ mowing.

Eating is still not the way it should be but much better.

I would have liked to have done more of everything this week so will need to work on that but next week will be mainly walking I think.

I don't know if I'm fitter today than I was last Friday, some things are easier sometimes  and sometimes they aren't.  

I have been slack in practicing that pushup.  I just tried one and I am less able to do it tonight than I could last week.  I am blaming the hands being sore from the riding but there is no strength at all in my hands and arms tonight so will try again tomorrow.

With a bit more effort I should be fitter by next Friday.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Went down to Harvey on Wednesday for a job interview and afterwards we went up to the Harvey Dam picnic area.  We have been before so I knew that there were some steps up to the wall and a few years ago when I was fitter we had climbed them so I planned on trying to walk up these again.

The steps were steep and once up them I was glad that we had planned on walking over the wall and back down the road back to the picnic area as I wouldn't have wanted to go down them.  Legs were sore when I reached the top and we still had a bit of walk back down.
Couldn't be fagged going for a bikeride that afternoon but did 15min on the ex bike that night.
Spent most of Thursday mowing grass.  Did out the front under the trees where the grass was so long and thick because I wanted it clearer to try and discourage foxes coming close.  Also did the front yard again.  Lots! of walking pushing the mower.  I planned to go for a ride in the afternoon but cleaned out the chookshed instead but did do 15min on ex bike at 9.30pm.

It was cold here this morning, too cold for me to mow or garden so I went for a ride instead.  Had gloves and long sleeves but was glad to get home and warm up a bit.  I mucked up me speedo thing by pressing the wrong button and couldn't get it working again but was gone for nearly 1/2 an hour.
I will do at least an hours mowing later on and if I add in the days outside jobs I should be pretty active most of the day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, Told you I would...

I spent 45 min moving on the mat at 6 this morning and went for a 4km bikeride this afternoon. 
Happy with that.


I had fun on the 20km ride on Sunday but was *too busy* most of yesterday so only managed to squeeze in 30 min on the ex bike.  Better than nothing though which is what I felt like doing so was pleased I didn't use lateness as an excuse.

I need to get back into doing something early so it's out of the way before the day takes over.   I haven't done any Youtube things for a week or so and wont be able to at all next week so need to make sure a ride or a walk is done before I can't be bothered.

In saying that, I should do something now but it's still too dark outside for me and inside someone is asleep and I don't like having the sound on this early in case it wakes him up and I get tangled in the headphone cord so don't like using those and...See, my thinking has gone back to the way it was so I really need to suck it up and just do

Stay tuned, I WILL do something, soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Bikeride

 One of my goals for this month was to ride over to our closest town.  It isn't that far if you go along the main road  but I was planning on going out the back way and knew that was further.  I have done it before, a long time ago.
Fit daughter was in town this weekend so I asked her if she wanted to do this ride with me, she said maybe so we did.

She gets here this afternoon, my bike is ready to go but she needs to use her fathers so we pull that out of the shed, check the helmet for spiders, tyres need pumping up so I pull the compressor out, change the end over and connect it to the stuff comes out the valve..Hmmm, try again, more green stuff and the tyre is going flat.   OK, maybe we can't go.  Hang on.  I get up and go turn the compressor on, pump up the trye and we're ready to go.
A quick tip...If you are going to use the compresser turn it on!!

Finally w're off.   We go out the back way, ride, ride, ride, get to the corner where we're suposed to turn but decide to keep going to see where that road goes.  Find out it goes nowhere so turn around and come back to our corner then up the hill to the hall.  We have reached our destination.  Yay.  A quick drink then back on our bikes ready to come home.  Took a different route through an old pine plantation, hit a horrible loose sand downhill rough road bit...reach the road we need, ride ride ride...less than an hour and a half, more than 20km from home to home. 

We were both sore and glad to get back but it was fun and I hope we do it again.  Next time we might con the other daughter in coming with us...

Friday, May 18, 2012

May, Week 3,

Nearly 3 weeks of May have passed and I have done some moving each day.  It's mostly easier and I am doing more than I was 3 weeks ago but the last couple of days it's taken a while to get started.
The *moving on the mat* is walking, jumping, sidesteps and kicking kind of thing.

Saturday.12th. Walked LS 2 mile  5km bikeride.
Sunday 13th.  5km bikeride and a 6km bikeride.  10 *jogging* laps around backyard.
Monday 14th.  Walked/*danced* on the mat for around 40minutes.  10min ex bike.  5km bikeride,
Tuesday 15th. 35min ex bike.  30min walking on mat.  practice jive and bootscooting x 20min.
Wednesday 16th. 60min moving on mat    4km bikeride.
Thursday. 17th  hour moving on the mat.  35min lawn mowing.  10min ex bike.
Friday. 18th. . 40min moving on the mat.  6km bikeride.

Eating is still not the way it should be.

I presume that I'm fitter today than I was last Friday though some things are still too much like hard work.  Lets see if I can be fitter by next Friday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halfway Mark.

We're halfway through the month and I am still on track with moving every day.  It's getting easier, I'm starting to like it, I'm starting to want to do more...

I need to remember not to overdo things though, to listen to the old bod, not to push too hard but enough to improve...So far it seems to be working.

I have done the 10km ride but still need to do the ride to the next town and back.  I think that is less but there and back may be more.  In my head it is a long way but I don't think it's as far as I think.  I have done it before, maybe even last year, so it should be easy enough.  Will find out soon aye!

In the meantime I just need to stay focused, not leave the moving 'til too late in the day and keep thinking about the next big rock I want to climb. 

Do you have any goals?  How are you going with them?

Friday, May 11, 2012

May, Week 2.

I have walked and/or ridden every day over the last week.  That means that I have done something every day so far this month.

The LS walk is a Leslie Sansone video on Youtube.  It equates to 3.2km.   I'm liking it better than walking to the corner and back, it's a bit longer, more energetic and much more *fun*.  The ex bike has been adjusted and it can now be made harder to pedal..   The ride around the block takes around 16 minutes and is just over 3.6km.

Saturday. 5th. Walked LS 2 mile  30min ex bike.  
Sunday. 6th.  Walked LS 2mile and 2 x 15min ex bike.   Ate too much crap!
Monday. 7th.      Walked LS 2 mile and a 5km bikeride, around the block plus extra.
Tuesday. 8th.   LS 2mile walk.  20min ex bike.
Wednesday 9th.  LS 2mile walk.   10km bikeride.
Thursday.  10th LS 2mile walk.  a 1hour and a 50min bushwalk.
Friday. 11th.  LS 2mile walk. 30min ex bike.

Again there were too many days where I wasn't happy with what I ate.   Way too many crappy carbs like melted cheese on toast!!

I have to be fitter today than I was last Friday though so now lets see if I can be fitter by next Friday.

Extra Moving.

I had a decent bikeride on Wednesday.
I was aiming for 6km but at 3 was close to a corner so figured I'd ride to that and that brought it up to nearly 4.  That got me thinking that if I rode 4.5km then turned around that would give me 9 and that would be good.  Then I thought if I could do 9 what's an extra k? so I rode on until the speedo hit 5km, turned around, realised how far away from home I was, how lots of black cloud had come over, how sore my legs were getting...Rode home and while I was glad to get there I was pretty chuffed that I had done the 10km and hadn't fallen off and didn't feel as bad as I thought I might.   Go team!!

I needed to give the van a run so had been planning on going up to Dwellingup all week but the forecast was wet and cold until Thursday so I decided to do a bushwalk up at Lane Poole Reserve.  It was a lovely day, I had the van so packed some lunch and off I went.  Walked an hour before lunch and 50min after.  The last half of that walk was BAD.  Sore legs, something wrong with my foot...I was so glad to get back and have a sitdown and a coffee before having to drive home again. 

 Pleased that I did it though and should do it more often as the scenery up there is so much nicer that the corner walk.   I do have to drive to get there but if I incorperate it into a run with the van then it could be done fortnightly.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday 7th May.

I have been doing something everyday so far.  None of it is easy but I supose that is not the purpose of it all.  I am doing more and that is what is important.  I need to remember that otherwise I'll stop again.  You know, the "I can't run 50km so what's the point" kind of stupid thinking.  Or is that just me!

I am still doing the Leslie Sansone 2mile walk but looking for her 3 mile one and when I find it and get the links easily accessable I'll start on that.  I clicked a different link by mistake this morning and the second half of the 2mile walk was different, much faster.  I'll look for those and try that as well.

There seems to be something for everyone on Youtube, all limitations and fitness levels.  It's a shame that I didn't go looking for them years ago though I could have had dozens and still not done anything.  It's all a mind thing and I don't understand how some can get into it so easily while for others it is such a struggle.  We all know that moving in some way will make us feel better so why don't we all just get up and do it.  Strange.

Friday, May 4, 2012

May. Week 1.

I have walked and/or ridden every day over the last week.  It's been too long since that has happened and I am aiming for something being done every day throughout May.  And beyond!   With the May goal it means that so far I have done something for 4 days in a row but that doesn't sound as good as doing something every day for a week or more, does it.

The LS walk is a Leslie Sansone vidio on Youtube. I'm liking it better than walking to the corner and back, it's a bit longer, more energetic and much more *fun*.  The ex bike is the easy inside one.  It means I can pedal for longer but there isn't much resistance.  The ride around the block takes around 17minutes and is just over 3.6km.

Saturday.  Walked LS 2 mile
Sunday.  Walked LS 2mile and a bikeride around the block.
Monday. Walked LS 2 mile and a bikeride around the block.
Tuesday. LS 2mile walk.  Walked a few hours around Mandurah.  10min on easy ex bike.  5min Stretching
Wednesday.  Walked liked LS x 40min while watching a recorded TV show.  20min on easy ex bike.  Another 20min easy ex bike.
Thursday.  LS 2mile walk.  30min ex bike.
Friday.  LS 2mile walk.  30min ex bike.

I did have a couple a few days where I wasn't happy with what I ate but that will improve as time goes on and I start to feel better.

I have to be fitter today than I was last Friday, now lets see if I can be fitter by next Friday.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2.

I didn't do the LS walk on the computer this morning but did a modified version while watching a recorded TV show.  Slightly longer than 40min.  Rode the easy exercise bike for 20min this afternoon and will do some stretching tonight.
I didn't get to the zoo yesterday as the train station carpark was overflowing so no trainride.  I have never seen that many cars in that area before.  I walked around Mandurah for a few hours instead.  Did some stretching last night and will again tonight.
Had blood taken this morning, testing for iron and heaps more, but wont get the results 'til next week.  In the meantime I am eating lots of liver in the hope I can stop feeling so tired.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Day Of May.

Done the walk.  I wasn't going to as I will be out and walking most of the day but didn't think that would be a good look, missing out on the first day!  I think that if I want it to become a habit then I have to do it regardless of what else I have to do.

I planned on going up to Perth this morning and walking around the zoo but couldn't get a park at the train station so had to give it a miss.  I walked a few hours around Mandurah instead.
I did resist buying fish and chips for lunch.  And an icecream.  And bread.  And a milkshake.  I came home and had liver soup and a mug of cocoa instead.  Just as well I like that.  

I am so tired! most of the time now, I'm even waking up tired and that's not right.  Can't think straight, hurt more than usual...I am having bloodtests tomorrow but probably won't know 'til next week what the results are.

Something easily fixed I hope.