Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Bikeride

 One of my goals for this month was to ride over to our closest town.  It isn't that far if you go along the main road  but I was planning on going out the back way and knew that was further.  I have done it before, a long time ago.
Fit daughter was in town this weekend so I asked her if she wanted to do this ride with me, she said maybe so we did.

She gets here this afternoon, my bike is ready to go but she needs to use her fathers so we pull that out of the shed, check the helmet for spiders, tyres need pumping up so I pull the compressor out, change the end over and connect it to the stuff comes out the valve..Hmmm, try again, more green stuff and the tyre is going flat.   OK, maybe we can't go.  Hang on.  I get up and go turn the compressor on, pump up the trye and we're ready to go.
A quick tip...If you are going to use the compresser turn it on!!

Finally w're off.   We go out the back way, ride, ride, ride, get to the corner where we're suposed to turn but decide to keep going to see where that road goes.  Find out it goes nowhere so turn around and come back to our corner then up the hill to the hall.  We have reached our destination.  Yay.  A quick drink then back on our bikes ready to come home.  Took a different route through an old pine plantation, hit a horrible loose sand downhill rough road bit...reach the road we need, ride ride ride...less than an hour and a half, more than 20km from home to home. 

We were both sore and glad to get back but it was fun and I hope we do it again.  Next time we might con the other daughter in coming with us...


  1. Well done Barb! Doing the ride with your daughter would have made it so much more enjoyable too :D)

    1. Yes, it was fun, much more than when I go by myself. We will do it again sometime.