Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had fun on the 20km ride on Sunday but was *too busy* most of yesterday so only managed to squeeze in 30 min on the ex bike.  Better than nothing though which is what I felt like doing so was pleased I didn't use lateness as an excuse.

I need to get back into doing something early so it's out of the way before the day takes over.   I haven't done any Youtube things for a week or so and wont be able to at all next week so need to make sure a ride or a walk is done before I can't be bothered.

In saying that, I should do something now but it's still too dark outside for me and inside someone is asleep and I don't like having the sound on this early in case it wakes him up and I get tangled in the headphone cord so don't like using those and...See, my thinking has gone back to the way it was so I really need to suck it up and just do something...now.

Stay tuned, I WILL do something, soon.

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  1. 30 mins on the ex bike all counts Barb! Some people stick rigidly to a set exercise routine, some people do better with random exercises... it all comes down to the same in the end though - just getting some activity into a day!
    I like how you keep going and finding different ways to move :D)