Friday, May 4, 2012

May. Week 1.

I have walked and/or ridden every day over the last week.  It's been too long since that has happened and I am aiming for something being done every day throughout May.  And beyond!   With the May goal it means that so far I have done something for 4 days in a row but that doesn't sound as good as doing something every day for a week or more, does it.

The LS walk is a Leslie Sansone vidio on Youtube. I'm liking it better than walking to the corner and back, it's a bit longer, more energetic and much more *fun*.  The ex bike is the easy inside one.  It means I can pedal for longer but there isn't much resistance.  The ride around the block takes around 17minutes and is just over 3.6km.

Saturday.  Walked LS 2 mile
Sunday.  Walked LS 2mile and a bikeride around the block.
Monday. Walked LS 2 mile and a bikeride around the block.
Tuesday. LS 2mile walk.  Walked a few hours around Mandurah.  10min on easy ex bike.  5min Stretching
Wednesday.  Walked liked LS x 40min while watching a recorded TV show.  20min on easy ex bike.  Another 20min easy ex bike.
Thursday.  LS 2mile walk.  30min ex bike.
Friday.  LS 2mile walk.  30min ex bike.

I did have a couple a few days where I wasn't happy with what I ate but that will improve as time goes on and I start to feel better.

I have to be fitter today than I was last Friday, now lets see if I can be fitter by next Friday.

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