Friday, May 11, 2012

Extra Moving.

I had a decent bikeride on Wednesday.
I was aiming for 6km but at 3 was close to a corner so figured I'd ride to that and that brought it up to nearly 4.  That got me thinking that if I rode 4.5km then turned around that would give me 9 and that would be good.  Then I thought if I could do 9 what's an extra k? so I rode on until the speedo hit 5km, turned around, realised how far away from home I was, how lots of black cloud had come over, how sore my legs were getting...Rode home and while I was glad to get there I was pretty chuffed that I had done the 10km and hadn't fallen off and didn't feel as bad as I thought I might.   Go team!!

I needed to give the van a run so had been planning on going up to Dwellingup all week but the forecast was wet and cold until Thursday so I decided to do a bushwalk up at Lane Poole Reserve.  It was a lovely day, I had the van so packed some lunch and off I went.  Walked an hour before lunch and 50min after.  The last half of that walk was BAD.  Sore legs, something wrong with my foot...I was so glad to get back and have a sitdown and a coffee before having to drive home again. 

 Pleased that I did it though and should do it more often as the scenery up there is so much nicer that the corner walk.   I do have to drive to get there but if I incorperate it into a run with the van then it could be done fortnightly.


  1. So well done Barb! Wow, 10 km that's such a great achievement.
    Love your photos and, yes, how nice to walk in such beautiful surroundings :D)

  2. Hi Susan. I think it does make a difference with wanting to walk. I don't do the corner walk anymore as it was so boring but if I did this a few times a month...If I wasn't so against driving I'd do it a few times a week!

    I hope you are well.