Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday 7th May.

I have been doing something everyday so far.  None of it is easy but I supose that is not the purpose of it all.  I am doing more and that is what is important.  I need to remember that otherwise I'll stop again.  You know, the "I can't run 50km so what's the point" kind of stupid thinking.  Or is that just me!

I am still doing the Leslie Sansone 2mile walk but looking for her 3 mile one and when I find it and get the links easily accessable I'll start on that.  I clicked a different link by mistake this morning and the second half of the 2mile walk was different, much faster.  I'll look for those and try that as well.

There seems to be something for everyone on Youtube, all limitations and fitness levels.  It's a shame that I didn't go looking for them years ago though I could have had dozens and still not done anything.  It's all a mind thing and I don't understand how some can get into it so easily while for others it is such a struggle.  We all know that moving in some way will make us feel better so why don't we all just get up and do it.  Strange.


  1. Great week! Keep up the good work. I ordered a Leslie CD for days I don't want to go outside. Thanks for suggestion!

  2. Hi Diana. It definately makes it easier for me so hope it works for you to.