Friday, May 25, 2012

May, Week 4.

Nearly 4 weeks of May have passed and I am still moving each day.  
The *moving on the mat* is walking, jumping, sidesteps and kicking kind of thing. 
*ATB is a 3.6km walk around the block, around 37min.

19th.  45min moving on the mat.
Sunday 20th.  20+ km bikeride.
Monday 21st.30min on ex bike.
Tuesday 22nd.  45min moving on the mat.  4km bikeride. 
Wednesday  Walk ATB*   Steps, walking...5min ex bike x 1.
Thursday.  2+ hours mowing.  15min ex bike.
Friday. 30min bikeride.   Hour+ mowing.

Eating is still not the way it should be but much better.

I would have liked to have done more of everything this week so will need to work on that but next week will be mainly walking I think.

I don't know if I'm fitter today than I was last Friday, some things are easier sometimes  and sometimes they aren't.  

I have been slack in practicing that pushup.  I just tried one and I am less able to do it tonight than I could last week.  I am blaming the hands being sore from the riding but there is no strength at all in my hands and arms tonight so will try again tomorrow.

With a bit more effort I should be fitter by next Friday.

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