Friday, May 18, 2012

May, Week 3,

Nearly 3 weeks of May have passed and I have done some moving each day.  It's mostly easier and I am doing more than I was 3 weeks ago but the last couple of days it's taken a while to get started.
The *moving on the mat* is walking, jumping, sidesteps and kicking kind of thing.

Saturday.12th. Walked LS 2 mile  5km bikeride.
Sunday 13th.  5km bikeride and a 6km bikeride.  10 *jogging* laps around backyard.
Monday 14th.  Walked/*danced* on the mat for around 40minutes.  10min ex bike.  5km bikeride,
Tuesday 15th. 35min ex bike.  30min walking on mat.  practice jive and bootscooting x 20min.
Wednesday 16th. 60min moving on mat    4km bikeride.
Thursday. 17th  hour moving on the mat.  35min lawn mowing.  10min ex bike.
Friday. 18th. . 40min moving on the mat.  6km bikeride.

Eating is still not the way it should be.

I presume that I'm fitter today than I was last Friday though some things are still too much like hard work.  Lets see if I can be fitter by next Friday.

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