Friday, May 11, 2012

May, Week 2.

I have walked and/or ridden every day over the last week.  That means that I have done something every day so far this month.

The LS walk is a Leslie Sansone video on Youtube.  It equates to 3.2km.   I'm liking it better than walking to the corner and back, it's a bit longer, more energetic and much more *fun*.  The ex bike has been adjusted and it can now be made harder to pedal..   The ride around the block takes around 16 minutes and is just over 3.6km.

Saturday. 5th. Walked LS 2 mile  30min ex bike.  
Sunday. 6th.  Walked LS 2mile and 2 x 15min ex bike.   Ate too much crap!
Monday. 7th.      Walked LS 2 mile and a 5km bikeride, around the block plus extra.
Tuesday. 8th.   LS 2mile walk.  20min ex bike.
Wednesday 9th.  LS 2mile walk.   10km bikeride.
Thursday.  10th LS 2mile walk.  a 1hour and a 50min bushwalk.
Friday. 11th.  LS 2mile walk. 30min ex bike.

Again there were too many days where I wasn't happy with what I ate.   Way too many crappy carbs like melted cheese on toast!!

I have to be fitter today than I was last Friday though so now lets see if I can be fitter by next Friday.

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