Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Day Of May.

Done the walk.  I wasn't going to as I will be out and walking most of the day but didn't think that would be a good look, missing out on the first day!  I think that if I want it to become a habit then I have to do it regardless of what else I have to do.

I planned on going up to Perth this morning and walking around the zoo but couldn't get a park at the train station so had to give it a miss.  I walked a few hours around Mandurah instead.
I did resist buying fish and chips for lunch.  And an icecream.  And bread.  And a milkshake.  I came home and had liver soup and a mug of cocoa instead.  Just as well I like that.  

I am so tired! most of the time now, I'm even waking up tired and that's not right.  Can't think straight, hurt more than usual...I am having bloodtests tomorrow but probably won't know 'til next week what the results are.

Something easily fixed I hope.

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