Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Went down to Harvey on Wednesday for a job interview and afterwards we went up to the Harvey Dam picnic area.  We have been before so I knew that there were some steps up to the wall and a few years ago when I was fitter we had climbed them so I planned on trying to walk up these again.

The steps were steep and once up them I was glad that we had planned on walking over the wall and back down the road back to the picnic area as I wouldn't have wanted to go down them.  Legs were sore when I reached the top and we still had a bit of walk back down.
Couldn't be fagged going for a bikeride that afternoon but did 15min on the ex bike that night.
Spent most of Thursday mowing grass.  Did out the front under the trees where the grass was so long and thick because I wanted it clearer to try and discourage foxes coming close.  Also did the front yard again.  Lots! of walking pushing the mower.  I planned to go for a ride in the afternoon but cleaned out the chookshed instead but did do 15min on ex bike at 9.30pm.

It was cold here this morning, too cold for me to mow or garden so I went for a ride instead.  Had gloves and long sleeves but was glad to get home and warm up a bit.  I mucked up me speedo thing by pressing the wrong button and couldn't get it working again but was gone for nearly 1/2 an hour.
I will do at least an hours mowing later on and if I add in the days outside jobs I should be pretty active most of the day.

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