Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Back Into It.

I haven't been away anywhere over the last week so I haven't done any walking.  Or bikeriding.  What a weak excuse aye?
And May is nearly finished, only a day to go,,,will I get a walk in on Tuesday or not.  Feeling like I do now then I probably wont...BUT...
Come June and I am going to really get back into it all again.

I am reading a couple of fitness threads over at the SimpleSavings forum so with posting there and coming here every day I have no reason to be slack. 
I have also printed a few signs to stick around the place.  One will go on the screen here, one on the toilet door, one on the kitchen window.  All places where I will see the prompt to go do something throughout the day.

I'm not sure why I keep stopping, I'd be where I want to be if I just kept at it but anyway...I have plenty of time, I want to be fitter, I enjoy the bikeriding, the cooler weather is here...And I will be moving throughout June.  Come join me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving While Away.

I know it looks like I haven't done anything for more than a week but things are not always what they seem.
I have been doing a bit of moving, especially over the last few days.
We have been away so there was a bit of walking.  Then some more walking and some rock scrambling overing.  Some more walking.  Some stair climbing.  Walked again...

Hubby and I went down south to do a bit of exploring and camped near the beach so there was a fair bit of beach walking done.  One half of this beach was rocky so it was fun scrambling up and over them.  And of course the beach means hills...

The eating would have been better if I was at home but it wasn't so bad as to be destructive in any way...apart from the bag of chips.  And the hot meat pie I had for breakfast on the way home.  And the cherry ripe that Hubby bought on one of the refuelling stops...

There were hours of walking each day and no worries about it so why is it such an effort to do a half hour walk from home here...I think we need to go away more often...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Walked Today.

Yay for me, I actually put on my proper shoes and went for a walk.   The proper shoes seemed a bit dodgy though.  My feet were sore by the time I was on my way home so maybe the shoes are on the way out...which shouldn't be happening as they are not yet 6months old.

The walk came about because I challenged a lady over at Aussie Losers to walk, she said she would so I went too.  Around the same time but different places so it was a kinda pretend walk together.

Anyway, I was going to walk for 10min then turn around and come back but walked all the way to the corner instead.  It took 32min, there and back, which wasn't so bad considering it's been awhile since I've done it.

I still have the mowing to do and I was thinking all the time that I was walking that I could have been home doing that.  Never mind, I walked, I will still mow, all good.

No walking but a lot of digging.

Still haven't got around to walking or riding anywhere. 
BUT, I have been busy and not just sitting on me great backside doing nothing.

I am trying to get the yard tidy and mowed and the gardens up to scratch so have been mowing, raking, mulching...and this week I have been digging a couple of posts up.  I dig a bit, mow a bit, back and dig a bit more.  The posts had been cemented in and put in deep so it was bleedin' hard work and not something that I could do in the one go but over a few days I am happy to say that it is one job finished or nearly anyway.  I cannot physically get the second post out of the hole so will need to wait until the son comes out or Hubby gets home.  When one of them lifts the post out I will be able to fill in the hole.

I still have a couple of hours mowing and will spend at least an hour doing some today so once again no walk or ride will get fitted in.  I think once the outside jobs are up to date then I won't feel so bad taking the time to walk instead of spending it out in the garden.
I also have to pull a fence down today as the cows have got into an area they shouldn't be so that is more *exercise*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Moving Much.

Wednesday already and no moving as such.  I did spend a couple of hours on Monday whippersnipering, mowing and raking though.  Can I count that?

Tuesdays walk didn't happen because I was getting eaten by mozzies so turned around after 5min and instead of going back to the house and putting smelly chemicals on myself and walking some more I had a coffee and read the paper.  Yeah, that'll get me fitter!

And today?  So far...nothing.  But it's early afternoon and I still have time...but I'm tired and can't be bothered and might need to look after the grandkid later and, and, and...

I am going out to do some more mowing now so maybe I can count that...'cept I don't.  I need to walk or ride.

I WILL  do at least 15min of something before bedtime.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Second Walk Done.

We went to the zoo yesterday so there was more than 5 hours of walking strolling and because I pushed a kid in a pram  up some of the hilly bits I'm counting yesterday as one of my 30min walks.

I need to get a ride in sometime and I want to time my walk to the corner and back again so will hopefully get them in during the week.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Walked Today.

On Thursday mornings I drop a couple of kids at school then usually go back to their house and read for a couple of hours until it's time to pick the younger one up from Kindy.   If I need to I call into SpudShed to buy bread, as it is on my way back.

This morning I decided to go back to the house then WALK back to SpudShed, buy the bread, walk back again.

So that's what I did.  It's only 3km there and  3 back so just over 1/2 hour there, walk around 5 min then 40min to get back to the house.  It was a slower walk back, maybe because I was carrying stuff, maybe because it was getting hot, maybe because it's been awhile...

So 1 walk down 2 to go.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another 3 x 30min Challenge Week.

Robyn has challenged me to do 3 x 30min walks or bikerides with her again this week and I have accepted so if anyone sees me slacking off please give me a kick up the behind to get me moving.

I will walk to the corner and back and do at least 1 x hour ride.  That will get 2 sessions out of the way.  Then another walk or ride...

Did a bit of stepping today and had a 15min walk but won't count that as it wasn't long enough.  Will walk tomorrow (Thursday)...