Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Walked Today.

Yay for me, I actually put on my proper shoes and went for a walk.   The proper shoes seemed a bit dodgy though.  My feet were sore by the time I was on my way home so maybe the shoes are on the way out...which shouldn't be happening as they are not yet 6months old.

The walk came about because I challenged a lady over at Aussie Losers to walk, she said she would so I went too.  Around the same time but different places so it was a kinda pretend walk together.

Anyway, I was going to walk for 10min then turn around and come back but walked all the way to the corner instead.  It took 32min, there and back, which wasn't so bad considering it's been awhile since I've done it.

I still have the mowing to do and I was thinking all the time that I was walking that I could have been home doing that.  Never mind, I walked, I will still mow, all good.


  1. After all the gardening and digging it's a wonder you had energy for a walk and any exercise is always good.

  2. Hi Barb, I agree with Robyn - any exercise is good. It all counts, so you've done exceptionally well :D)