Sunday, May 15, 2011

No walking but a lot of digging.

Still haven't got around to walking or riding anywhere. 
BUT, I have been busy and not just sitting on me great backside doing nothing.

I am trying to get the yard tidy and mowed and the gardens up to scratch so have been mowing, raking, mulching...and this week I have been digging a couple of posts up.  I dig a bit, mow a bit, back and dig a bit more.  The posts had been cemented in and put in deep so it was bleedin' hard work and not something that I could do in the one go but over a few days I am happy to say that it is one job finished or nearly anyway.  I cannot physically get the second post out of the hole so will need to wait until the son comes out or Hubby gets home.  When one of them lifts the post out I will be able to fill in the hole.

I still have a couple of hours mowing and will spend at least an hour doing some today so once again no walk or ride will get fitted in.  I think once the outside jobs are up to date then I won't feel so bad taking the time to walk instead of spending it out in the garden.
I also have to pull a fence down today as the cows have got into an area they shouldn't be so that is more *exercise*

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