Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Back Into It.

I haven't been away anywhere over the last week so I haven't done any walking.  Or bikeriding.  What a weak excuse aye?
And May is nearly finished, only a day to go,,,will I get a walk in on Tuesday or not.  Feeling like I do now then I probably wont...BUT...
Come June and I am going to really get back into it all again.

I am reading a couple of fitness threads over at the SimpleSavings forum so with posting there and coming here every day I have no reason to be slack. 
I have also printed a few signs to stick around the place.  One will go on the screen here, one on the toilet door, one on the kitchen window.  All places where I will see the prompt to go do something throughout the day.

I'm not sure why I keep stopping, I'd be where I want to be if I just kept at it but anyway...I have plenty of time, I want to be fitter, I enjoy the bikeriding, the cooler weather is here...And I will be moving throughout June.  Come join me.

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