Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another 3 x 30min Challenge Week.

Robyn has challenged me to do 3 x 30min walks or bikerides with her again this week and I have accepted so if anyone sees me slacking off please give me a kick up the behind to get me moving.

I will walk to the corner and back and do at least 1 x hour ride.  That will get 2 sessions out of the way.  Then another walk or ride...

Did a bit of stepping today and had a 15min walk but won't count that as it wasn't long enough.  Will walk tomorrow (Thursday)...


  1. Lol, I'll be watching this space! Don't you know less is more and you should do the 3 walks separately so you don't strain yourself? I also meant the week to start from my comment here about it, not from the end of the last challenge as when it becomes a chore I lose my incentive to do it. I'll have to communicate better in future.

  2. Yeah...I'm counting Thursday as my starting day.
    I'll walk or ride on at least 3 different days and be fitter by xext Friday.
    Thanks you for getting me moving again.