Saturday, April 30, 2011

Third Walk Done.

So I did the 3 walks for the week that I said I was going to.

Yesterdays walk was up that hill again to fetch the carton of eggs...I could make a nursery rhyme outa that.
I remembered my watch this time but not sure if I'm happy I did.  This hill mustn't be as long as I thought as it is a slow walk up but didn't take as long as I thought.  But a half hour walk nearly half uphill so not bad.  Going up is easier as even though it is hard work, when coming down my knees are really under stress and as it is so steep I am worried that I'll fall but over and done with now, the people will be home tomorrow so I don't need to go up there again.

I need to do something else though.  I move better when I have a reason and it's not just for the sake of exercising which all seems like a big waste of time.  But isn't, I do know that.

I've got a few hours mowing to do over the weekend but will think of something for next week.


  1. The sun is shining today and it's the end of the challenge week so I'll do my third walk this afternoon. As I set the challenge I can't let you have one up on me :P!

  2. He he he, feeling a bit energetic this morning but you'll have to visit my blog to see why!
    Are you up for another challenge this week?

  3. Challenges seem to be the only way I get things done so yeah, why not.

  4. How about this week we try for 3 x 30 minute walks, or in your case, bike rides if you wish? A lot of little exercise sessions is less of a strain than one big one and I find I don't need to recover from them. Persistence seems to be what is helping me lose weight so these mini challenges are benefitting me also and the fact that they are short term makes them more achievable :D.