Monday, April 25, 2011

One Walk Down, Two to Go.

I am dogsitting for some friends which you'd think would have me walking more but this is an old dog that doesn't walk....
I also agreed to collect the eggs from the chooks of these people.
That means a 5km drive...why aren't I riding it?
I am not riding it because the first bit is along the highway and the last 2 km is all uphill, a steep, narrow, winding road.  But this morning I parked at the electronic dropdown gate and walked the rest of the way to the house, back down to the car then off into the bush for a bit more of a walk.  Heart was pumping, so sad but my bad but next time I will park at the start of the driveway and get twice the uphill walk in.
The start of the driveway is down that way, maybe 700metres.  I have to walk up about the same.

So I have done 1 of the walk/rides for the week, two to go, at least. 
So much for doing something every day. Embarrassed

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