Monday, April 25, 2011

Not Fitter This Week.

Well I am still around but not doing too much.  Not even doing enough really.
It seems that even though I am fat and unfit I am still thinking that it is a waste of time to go for a walk or a bikeride but I think nothing of being on the computer for hours at a time.  Somehow that's not a waste of time...Dumb aye?  Wouldn't it be great if I couldn't use the computer unless I pedalled a bike, have you seen those setups?  How cool would that be!

I have been outside mowing, mulching, digging...but not enough to get fitter.

So I need a mindchange again.  I need an attitude adjustment.

This week I will be digging up and replanting a bougainvillea, mowing, cleaning out a chookyard....Collecting barrowloads of dirt from the chookyards and then shovelling it onto the gardens.,  washing a couple of windows...
Notice there is no walking or riding in there though...

OK.  This week I WILL walk or ride at least 3 times for at least 30min.

It is written and so it shall be done.


  1. Ok, here's a challenge - I challenge you to walk or ride and blog about it each time this week and I'll do the same. Lol, seems like we both need to stir up our fat cells a bit :D! Distance/time doesn't matter as long as we do some form of aerobic type exercise that gets our hearts pumping well. I'm off to hang out laundry!

  2. You're on!

    (I read you, you're doing pretty good, way better than me)