Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday. Start of week 2.

I wasn't really into it this morning and the walk seemed slow but I was home in 38min so not too bad.
I think I was too intent on solving the problems of the world instead of concentrating on walking fast.

What do you think of when you are walking to get fit?  Do you need to keep your mind on the job all the time or are you able to walk fast and solve problems?  

It would be easier if I had someone to walk with as I think then we would keep each other going but I don't know anyone that is willing to come out here at 5am to walk.  So it's just me and myself.

I also reckon that walking to this corner every day will soon take it's toll in the interest keeping department.  I see cows and different birds, sometimes a car, a few rabbits.   Back in the day, when we used to ride around the block, we had the chance of dogs running out at us to keep it exciting.  I suppose music might work but as I don't have anything portable and the extension cord isn't that long I can't have that.

So, as Hubby says "suck it up, Baby"  I need to just do it and look forward to the future when I am fit enough to take on the biggest hill in the area.

And there I have a goal.  Maybe if I walk everyday, or most days even,  Hubby will take me camping to some rock or bushwalk area.  It will get us out camping more, give me more incentive to keep going,   I know, I could/should go by myself but where's the fun in that.  I could do that anyway (if I wasn't such a sookylala)  The reward would be in doing it with someone.

I will start a list!

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