Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sat 4th December, 2010.

Well I have finally started.  I had my first *proper* walk this morning. 

As it's been a while since I walked for exercise I was only going to walk for 10min then turn around and come home again but I could see the corner and it didn't look that far away so I decided to walk there then back.  40min later and I get back inside here at home so not too bad.

So I suppose that that is my benchmark and I need to be able to do that easier by Friday.  Today being Saturday it gives me 5 days to improve.  I remember being able to do this walk in 35 minutes so 40 today isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I will go for a drive sometime and see how far this walk is and also the around the block walk.  And I will recheck the distance into town next time I am going in as I sometimes walk in there.
I may see how far a km is and time myself doing that again and that will give me something to try and better.

With the riding I think I will start off by just going around the block and do that a few times this week then go further next week.  We rode miles and for hours when we were up in GreenHead a few weeks ago but that was fun and I always find it harder and less fun when I do it as an exercise thing.  I need to get the daughter to come out with her bike so we can ride together.  I will get onto her about that next time I see her.

It looks like I have a basic plan.  I will see how I go and reassess each week.

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