Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Smoothies.

There is lots of talk about the great health benefits of Green Smoothies and while I think they could benefit a person they are not something that I make for myself though I do like the ones that L makes when I am at her place.   Those ones would have a weeks worth of goodness in one glass...OK, maybe not a weeks worth but they have so much different stuff in them they'd be like a vitamin pill but better.

This morning I decided to make myself a green smoothie so as to get more veg into the days eating but on walking around the gardens I can see how slack I have been as there was hardly anything to pick to add.    I found some siverbeet leaves that the bugs had decided weren't nice enough for them...after eating holes in them all, how rude!  A bit of a rinse and a blast from the blades and you couldn't see the holes so all good there. 

No recipe, just pick/use what you have and blend it all together. For this one I used water kefir, strawberries, silverbeet, avocado, comphrey, sweet potato shoots/leaves, chocolate mint leaves.   I could have used more of everything to up the serves and will next time.  I have more kefir that needs using so will make one up to have with some eggs for lunch.

I can't have blended it for long enough as the mint leaves didn't get chopped up at all so they needed chewing and it wasn't *smooth* like a normal drink but it tasted pretty good and it is an easy way to get some vitamins and minerals and much better than juice because the fibre is still there.  I have a cheap stick blender so wouldn't try some of the harder fruits or veg but I think a strong blender that will do anything might have to go on my want list. 

I must admit that though I have had 1 serve of fruit and at least 2 serves of veg in that breakfast drink I don't feel like I have eaten so will want some real food soon but at least I know that my day is off to a good start and as it's something that is easy enough to do most morning I will be having them again.

Do you do smoothies at all?  Any tips for a smoothie newbie?

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