Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 6

I'm going out soon and wont be back until tomorrow afternoon but know I will get all my points even with the planned pizza for tea tonight..  Organic vegan/vego household, lots of yardwork and hilly roads to walk...

Tomorrow is the last day of week one so I will be able to write how well I did, or didn't, do. 

Breakfast this morning was chicken and veg stew, I have a big bowl of salad for lunch with maybe a sm tin of sardines, a pear, a banana and carrots to snack on.  Pizza for tea but it will be covered in vegetables, no meat.  The kefir water is full of strawberries.

Sun.  Oats for breakfast,  then a pear.  Salad and sardines for lunch.  There is a bowl of chicken and veg in the fridge ready for when I get home.   Kefie smoothie somtime to get the other fruit in.

I will report in sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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