Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 4.

Up early but couldn't be fagged!  Better go somewhere somehow later...But it's windy and not nice outside...*should* go now so it's done with...Finally went walking.

Food today.
few strawberries
egg and vegie slice.
more strawberries
chicken and salad soup.
milkshake, big cup, banana and chocolate
chicken and salad soup.
custard, made wih eggs and cornflour

The chicken and salad soup sounds strange but turned out quite nice.  The *salad* I added to some chicken was made up of silverbeet, cabbage, carrot and suchlike.   With grated cheese.  But cooked up all together it was OK.  Daughter brought out some salad she made so I am right for tomorrows lunch too.

At half past 12 I had already had lunch (the chicken and salad soup) and a pear and more chicken but I really wanted something sweet.  Husband suggested icecream but No!  wasn't having that...what else...OK, milkshake.  I wanted something sweet all afternoon, eventually went and had a sleep and woke up feeling better and not craving sweet so much.    Had more soup earlyish but husband wanted something sweetish so I made some custard.  The soup was quite thick so very filling.

I cooked up a couple of roosters today and made up a batch of *Becky's Soup* (from SS forum)   Husband doesn't like it, says it's too weak so I will work on that tomorrow so as to have soup for next week.  I have rooster meat over the next couple of days but will be away over the weekend.

34 points.  Really going to try for the 37 tomorrow.

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