Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 3. Week 1.

I was up and at'em at a decent hour this morning and asked the husband if he wanted to come for a ride or walk with me...of course he said no but I did not let that put me off.  It was windy so I was umming and ahhing about what to do and in the end decided to chance it and ride into daughters then walk up the hill. was windy!   I should have taken a beanie as my ears are a bit sore now from the wind.    Easily had an hours moving done and still home just after 7 ready for a coffee.  I do like getting it done in the mornings as then it is over and done with and out of the way and anything done later throughout the day is a bonus.  The morning moving can be fun as it is not being done because it *has to be*

Todays Eating:
oatmix.  Added a couple of walnuts to it this morning as well.
2 sm sl pizza.
salad x 2 cups
egg and veg quiche type thing, no pastry or crust.
Bit of fruitsalad.  Not 2 serves 

The oatballs are something that I mix up when I want something *treaty*  It is honey and peanut paste mixed together then oats, ground flax, bran...whatever I have on hand, added and mixed in, formed into marble sized balls.  Sometimes it is put in the fridge to go hard and it is better that way.  I only make a small amount as I want it otherwise I would eat too much of it.

It was half past 5 and I thought that I hadn't had any fruit yet, not sure how that happened.  I wasn't hungry though as I'd just had the eggy thing.   Think that I must get in some fruit over the next 3 hours.....Had some but not the 2 serves so no points for fruit today.  Never though I'd miss points on fruit!  Too funny.  Not enough water either.  Will do better tomorrow.

Only 31 points today.  Oops!

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