Friday, October 5, 2012

This Weeks Moving.

Well, I have to be fitter this week than I was last week.
I haven't done as much as many others but I'm happy that I seem to be getting back into again.

Saturday.  Nothing...No reason, just didn't think to.
Sunday.  Rode small block.  3.6ish km.
Monday.Walked and rode, small block.
Tuesday, Work so nothing. (did kick a football around with a 5 year old during the afternoon)
Wed.  At work so nothing.
Thur. Walked the small block in morning so 3.6km.  Rode the big block in afternoon.
Fri.  No walk, mowed instead.  Rode the big block plus extra in the afternoon.

Was a bit useless Tuesday night so I'm thinking the footy games shouldn't happen again.  The walking is fine but the riding is leaving my arms and hands sore but that's OK, they'd probably be soreish anyway as I have been whippersnippering and mowing as well and that always makes me hurt.

I need to do at least the same next week, more will be better though.

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