Friday, October 12, 2012

Walking The Walk.

We have been away on an overnight campout up at Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup so I have at least had a couple of walking stints this week.  Because of them I *think* I am fitter today than last week.  Maybe.  I mean there was a lot! of huffing and puffing as we walked along the path that was the Chuditch Walk Trail.  And I mean a lot.  But I have walked more this week than any other for a long time. 

I have done this walk a few times before...or thought I had.  I walked along a path to where this trail ends so believed that I had done this walk but yesterday I came across a sign that showed I hadn't been on the right track at all.

I decided that I'd do the right Chuditch Trail and as I was sitting around the fire pit with 6 other adults this morning I issued them all an invitation to join me in this walk.  Told them that it was only 4km, took, according to the sign that couldn't possibly be right, a couple of hours...No-one was interested.  Now I'd already walked a couple of k's earlier while waiting for husband to wake up and a bit more with the grandkid after that and I am fat and unfit but was ready for more so I was disappointed that no-one else thought it was a good idea.  Husband was kind enough to come with me so I thank him for that.  He is not a walker but the lovely man came because he knew I'd rather not go alone.

This trail has steps, and a lot of them.  Uphill steps too.  I reckon that anyone that can't do this walk wont be able to do the Bluff Knoll climb so any of the group that plan on coming with us next year could use this walk as a practicing tool.

There are many nice walks in this reserve and I know I say it every time after I go up to Lane Poole but I am going to make an effort to get a few more in before the end of the year.   It's so close to home there is no reason that I couldn't go up every month at least and get some decent walks in.


  1. Sounds lovely; do you have pics?

  2. I was too busy trying to breath to take any! But am doing this walk again soon so will make sure I get some then.