Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 13-19.

Saturday.  Rode 3km  Walked, not fast, 4 hours.
Sunday.  Mnnn...Nothing?  Used the stepper for a bit...
Monday.  Okayyyyy, nothing again?  Was at work.
Tuesday.  Walked!  Did the Chuditch trail again.  4km of hilly bits and steps.
Wednesday.  Hour and a half hour of that around town so a bit hilly.
Thursday.  Not well so nothing.
Friday.  As above...Probably could have walked or ridden today but didn't...and now I have a cold!! 

Am I fitter than last week...don't know.  I sure don't feel it so maybe not.  I will start again on Monday...the cold should be on it's way out by then and I should be less cranky too.

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