Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Todays Walk.

I was suposed to go to work today but arranged for the daughter to go instead.  She is not an early morning person though so I decided to walk into her place and bang on her door to make sure she was *upanatem* on time.  Nearly there though and I decided that instead of the 30 minutes I'd get by going to her place then home again that I'd walk up the hill, around the block, then home again, getting in an hours walk.   I called her, she was up so I crossed the road and started.

Many, many! years ago when I lived in town I used to walk these streets most days.  Up the hill, the whole town block (small town not a big city type town) up a few more streets then back down to where I lived. It took a couple of hours and it was fun as I was doing it with a group of friends.   Things change and for various reasons the walks stopped.  Fast forward and I don't think I could walk the town block if I tried.   Apart from the town being a lot bigger now I am fatter, unfitter, sorer, older, no-one to walk it with...

But this morning was just going to be up the hill to the top street, around a bit then back down to my crossover and the 15 minute walk back home.  I planned on it taking an hour.    Well how unfit am I!   It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I did get to the top of the hill in the time I thought I would but after that I started feeling it in my shins.  It was still OKish but I did need to go slower and coming back down I *forgot* what road I needed to take so an extra 10min was added on.  I also had the time wrong so went further than I needed to and by the time I was back down at my crossover I had been walking for more than an hour.  The 15min walk home took nearly 20 so all up I had been walking for more than an hour an a half.  And felt like I'd been walking all day!

Maybe it was too much after yesterdays walk.  Maybe it was the shoes, maybe I thought I was better than I am.  I have planned on doing my *goal walk* this Friday...and am now wondering how good of an idea that is.  I will still attempt it, I will have my phone and will call my personal taxi if I need to but I will be so cross with myself if I need to do that.

I wont walk tomorrow but should ride then and don't know yet if the woman I ride with will stop by this afternoon or not.  Need to wait and see.  I don't have her number and she has 2 big dogs so I don't like going into her yard if she is not around.  I missed her Monday and yesterday because of her or me working and don't know if she will be around today or not.  I will be ready in case she shown but if she doesn't I *could* go for a short on later...

I have mowing to do today but am not sure if I should...well, of course I should but I am really not feeling up to it so will wait and see how I feel later.

Now...I am going to rub some more Deep Heat on then get stuck into the days jobs.

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