Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Six Months...Still Counting.

So I have less that 6 months before I need to be fit enough for that mountain/hill climb.  I just know you are all wondering how I am going with the training for it thing, yeah?  Not all that great, not even a little bit good.  Real bad in fact.
How the blank am I going to be fit enough when I don't do anything to get fitter?  The answer is...I'm not.  And that will be a problem.

I did think that it might have to be put off because of the husband's back but he assures me he will be fine and it is still on.  Well there goes that excuse.  So I suppose I better, again, get stuck into it.

I haven't walked up to the weir yet though I did drive up there a couple of weeks ago to see how far it was...then drove somewhere else and didn't write the numbers down so still don't know.  Husband thinks around 5km but driving up there I'm sure it's more.  And it's all up hill!  I know, that's the point but still.

I am going to walk up there this month though, after the school holidays are over.  I can always ring the daughter to come pick me up if I can't get back again.  

Over the last week I have walked around the small block, ridden around the small block, ridden around the big block...Not been home the last couple of days but am tomorrow so will walk the small block in the morning and maybe ride it in the afternoon.  I have someone to ride with now so hopefully we'll do it a few times each week.

Small block is 3.6km,  Big block is 5+km.

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