Monday, October 29, 2012

Food Diary. Week One, Day One.

Mon 29th
5.30 coffee.
Breakfast. oatmix, coffee
Lunch. Pizza, few slices, cup and a bit salad.
cup salad
Tea.  Four cups cooked veg, grated cheese on top.

Daily Points - 37.

Day 1 was like most of my days will be.  We grow our vegetables and some fruit so these are easy to get in as they are here and that's what we eat.  Exercise has been my downfall lately and that is what I want to get back into on a regular basis and if it wasn't for this challenge I would not have gone for a 35min (7km) bikeride this afternoon, I would have been happy with the mowing this morning. 
I measured the salad at lunchtime and the veg for tea to make sure that I was getting the amount I thought I was.  I wont need to do this all the time because I know, more or less, what a serve looks like.
I drink water so the 2 litres of that will be easy enough.  I will count the nettle tea and the water kefir in that 2 litres and most days I will drink way more than 2 litres.
I usually eat more than 2 bits of fruit, sometimes it could be way more, like 5, 6, 7 serves.  Some people will see this as a problem but we eat what we grow and when the fruit is here that is what we eat.  This morning for example with the Strawberries...there would have been more than a cups worth eaten throughout the morning as I was out working around those gardens and they were ripe...

I'm not home for the next couple of days but lunches are put away and have 2 cups of salad in each days lunch.  Veg are cooked and ready for tomorrows tea and I will cook eggs or fish when I get home to go with that.  Breakfast will probably be the oatmix.

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