Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 1, Day 2.

Woke up around 5ish this morning, couldn't be fagged getting up but kept thinking about this challenge and wondering what exercise I'd fit in...eventually decided on a short bikeride before I needed to leave so up and dressed and rode the small block.  That took around 15 - 16 minutes so leaves a min 15 to go.  I figure I can get that in easily with running around the yard with the kids.  If I get a halfhour walk in that will get me the 2 bonus points.  Will see what happens.

Food today:
watermelon, sm slice
pizza and 2 cups salad
two cups cook vegetables, *minced* Italian sausage on top.

The watermelon looked nice but I should have known, it is too early in the season so it was not very nice.  Not nice enough to have another piece that's for sure.  One of the best things about Summer is Watermelon season so I am always surprised at myself when I have some too early knowing it will not be nice.

Was going to have an egg a couple of hours after the veg, not because I was hungry but because I didn't think I'd had enough protein for the day.  Wondering if I should have.  Would it be better to have had it or not....

The thirty minutes exercise was easy enough, there was running around with a 2 year old and some side stepping and walking on the spot instead of sitting and reading, walking around the yard while they played instead of just standing or sitting and watching them...

Had to make an effort to get the water in because I wasn't home and didn't have my bottle with me so didn't think about it enough. I need to remember to take my water bottle with me to work as drinking too much at once just to get the amount up isn't good.

37 points again. 
It will be nice to get that amount for 5 days this week but I admit it is an effort.  We are only 2 days in and I was thinking that it will be easy but I can see that I am going to have to be thinking about it all the time until it all becomes routine again.


  1. You'll be ok once you have the routine going. First weeks are always difficult.

  2. I seem to be having too many *first* weeks. haha. I do think that writing things down everyday and trying to get points will work.
    How are you doing Robyn?