Friday, October 12, 2012

Second Week, October 7-12.

Second week and things are much the same. 

Saturday.  Nothing...No reason, just couldn't be fagged.  Not good!
Sunday.  Walked small block, 3.6ish km.  Rode big block.
Monday. Walked down L's road and back up hill, 30 minutes or thereabouts.
Tuesday, Work so nothing there.  Finally used stepper when home.  20+ min over an hour.
Wed. Stepper but not for long enough.
Thur. Walked a bit but sat around the campfire for too long.
Fri.   Walked around 7 km in 3 walks over the morning. 

Happy with the walking today...Pity I don't do it more often.  If I did I would be well on the way to managing that hill I want to climb.  Wanting to walk to weir next  Friday...Was wondering if I should even try as the more I try to push the less I can breath but this mornings walk shows that I can walk further than I think...if I only get up and actually do it.


  1. Good work! Just keep up a little bit every day; that's the way it gets to be a habit and fun too!

  2. Hi Diana, yes you're right...and I am thinking that this time I will stick with it. Thankyou for your comments.