Monday, October 29, 2012

Eight Week Challenge.

I spoke too soon about being better.  I thought I was so went out for the day on Saturday, did too much and was sick again on the Sunday.  Still not well this morning BUT...instead of moping around playing the *poor me, too sick, not well, can't do* card I woke up determined to get a bit more positive.    So I signed up for an 8 week challenge with some like minded people and it starts today.

The challenge is based on a points system, we get so many points for doing different things, like 5pt for 30min exercise, 3pt if we drink 2 litres water, points if we eat 3 serves of vegetables more if we eat 5, points for fruit...stuff like that, with a maximum point value for this week being 240.   One of the things is to keep a food diary, that will give me 5 points for the day so I will use this blog to do that. 

So as well as being fitter by Friday I will also see how many points I can get by the end of Sunday.  

I am putting my chart on the fridge so it will be seen and can be filled in as I go.  There are no excuses now.

I might fall short on the exercise points this week but I have something to work towards with other people doing the same so we can encourage and support each other.  

I think it will be fun.

It will be fun!

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