Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eating Healthy. But sick too often.

I used to pride myself on never getting sick.  Everyone else around me would be coughing and sniffing and feeling crook but I'd be fine.  I said it was all the healthy living I did.

I am still, mostly, living healthy but lately I have had more colds than I am used to and I don't like it.
I'm starting to think what's the point of eating mostly fresh, unprocessd foods if I am still going to get sick.  Even the Nettle Tea hasn't warded off the last 2 colds.

My husband eats crap and drinks Coke, lots of servo food when away working....He also smokes, drinks, doesn't exercise. He works, hard, during daylight hours, stays up all night more often that I think is good for him...He quite often eats toast for tea, white bread!! instead of the yummy meat and veg concoction that I have made.  He never eats breakfast, doesn't drink water...He has colds less often than I do, he is rarely sick.  He is fitter, stronger, smarter than me.  If you compared the way we each ate and lived then it would seem that I should be the healthier one.  I'm not.

I work with kids and if they are sick I am starting to think that it will soon be my turn.  Up until a year or so ago I was pretty sure that their germs wouldn't affect me, and they didn't.  But now...Makes me cranky.  Seems like a lot is making me cranky   That's not really the case...I just wonder why.  Why does the healthy eater get sick more than the crap eater.

And what can I do about it?   I am due for more blood tests, maybe I am low in Iron again....
Any ideas please on how a healthy eater can get sick less often?   Without factory processed pills and potions!

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