Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 7. Day 1.

We're into week 7 now so only 2 weeks of the 8 week challenge left.  I will stick to it even though it hasn't made any difference to my weight or size.  I like that it has made me record what I eat more than I did and I will go back over that soon but I know that I am eating too much cruddy foodstuff.  Husband has agreed that I can go through the freezer and throw out, feed to chooks, all the buns and cakey type things.  They were given to us but we don't need it and it will save on chookfood by giving it to them.

I can see that I don't cook when I have beeen outside and come in later than 6, I can't be bothered and would rather just grab something easy like already cooked chicken, or fish or nuke some eggs.  It did mean that I wasn't getting enough vegetable more days than was good for me but now that I am having the smoothies every morning that is not an issue.  Already today I have had 4 sm smooshy apricots, 3 carrots, comphrey leaves, sweet potato leaves, 1/2 zuchinni.   Add in whatever others I have today and I feel I have the vegies covered. 

I need to get some moving in yet, I hate when I don't get it out of the way early.  It is getting hot out there now but I will mow for a bit and maybe ride later on.

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