Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Moving...

As it was too windy to ride at the beginning of the week I walked the block Monday and Tuesday, it wasn't windy on Wednesday so I rode the bike.  I intended going to the bridge and back, this is an 8km ride but once at the bridge I thought I'd just go to the sign that I could see.  Once there I was pretty close to another sign and from there I could see the first corner so I rode to that.  Once there it was very tempting to keep going the 2 or 3km to the hall but my hands were tingling, my legs hurt, I needed a drink but forgot my water I turned around and *zoomed* home.  It seemed a lot quicker coming back, the road goes slightly downhill but by the time I was at my corner I could barely pedal and I kept looking at the speedo to see how far I had ridden.  I get to our driveway and was *this close* to 12 so rode passed a bit then turned around and came back so I could congratulate myself for riding 12km.   I kinda fell off the bike when I stopped, everything hurt, but I recovered not long afterwards and came up better than I thought I would.

Thursdays moving was going to be the same ride but instead I rode into town and walked a dog back to here with the intention of doing the reverse later on in the day.  The day was hot and by evening it was still hot, husband had to go into town so we bundled the dog into the car and we took her home that way.  I was worried that if I walked her she would struggle too much and get burned paws.  She is a big, slow, black dog that makes walking look hard.   After putting her back in her house I got on me bike and thought a bit then came home the long way.  It was hot, once again I didn't have my water with me...but ended up with 7km for the day plus the 2 or so walking.  There was a bit of swimming as well but not a lot and nothing that will get me into any competitions...Feeling good.

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