Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, Weeks Roundup.

Sat  6km ride
Sunday.  8.5km ride.
Mon  Walked the 3.6km block.
Tuesday Walked the 3.6km block.
Wednesday.  Ride 12 km.
Thursday.  under 2k walk and 7km riding.
Friday. Rode 11km.

I thinkI've done more moving this week, most times things are easier and on the days when they aren't easy I'm recovering quicker so things seem to be improving.   It's been hot the last few days and next week will be another hot one but as long I get up and out before 6am things shouldn't be too bad.  Moving much throughout the day is not something that I will be doing even if I wanted to but early morning...nice.

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  1. I have not been to my weight loss blog, so I have neglected coming to yours. Sorry. It is below freezing here, so it hard to imagine our sweltering days of summer. When I can walk further than the car, we can compare our walks. Oh, I would not be competing, just inspired by you.