Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 5 Ending.

I woke up feeling very negative but *sucked it up* and started doing stuff and finally managed to feel a bit better about it all.  It seems that the longer I sleep the worse I feel when I wake up.  This morning I didn't wake until around 6.30, when I get up at 5.30 I don't seem to feel as bad.  But I can't set the alarm as there is nothing worse that being woken up by some noise when I'm not ready.

6.45  Coffee
9ish   Chicken schnitzel and 1 boiled spud.
12ish  coffee.
1ish   Eggs x 2.
         Green smoothie. 1x fruit and 1/2 veg sorted
2.30  Apricots x 3 or 4
8pm  Banana.
         Green Smoothie.  Rest of veg sorted.
9.30  bed.
Not enough real food today.  We *did a cow* this afternoon, not ours but for friends around the corner.  It meant that I was outside all afternoon and into the night so tea didn't get eaten but I am finding that having the smoothies is a quick and easy way of getting the green stuff into me so on days like today when there wasn't time for tea I know I still have some goodness inside my tummy, with not much effort on my part at all.
I biked around the small block this morning then bopped around the house to get the minutes up.  Was planning on doing a half hours mowing to top it off but people came before I started so it didn't get done.

Sunday.  Up and coffee'd by 5.10.  Feeling better but not like I should.
5.05  Coffee
7am  Eggs x 2 + 1 boiled spud.
10ish  Banana.
11.  liver and veg.
dimsims x 3
7pm  egg,
        big salad
8pm  green smoothie.

It was too windy for a ride this morning so at 6am I walked to the corner and back. 35 - 40min. Gardening all morning.
Not a bad weekend, could have been a lot worse seeing as how negative I started it.

And so ends week 5.

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