Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 2.

5.30  coffee
7.30  oatmix
         green smoothie
1.30  donut  On the way home, in the car.   Grrr.
3.00  eggs x 2 + veg
         Green smoothie.
handful of licorice allsorts   Grrrr.
 green smoothie
green smmoothie

Somehow today I haven't eaten much solid food but have had plenty of fruit and veg with the drinks.  This afternoons smoothies have had kefir, 1orange, some berries, 4 carrots, handful brocolli, half a zuchinni.  The one this morning had silverbeet as well.
Plenty of moving again with walking for hours around a shopping centre, a lot of it quite fast, and nearly an hour this morning doing side steps, knee lifts walking on the spot...

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